Dear friend,

A fun concept I came up with: don’t think of mere survival; think of “thrivival” (a life of thriving). #zenoferic

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This is my rationale:

In today’s world, you’re not gonna starve to death or die from lack of natural resources. Thus, we’ve entered a social time where we no longer need to struggle for mere survival. Rather, now as we are entering the “homo deus” phase, we should seek to THRIVE in life!

What does it mean to thrive?

To thrive means to live your life to the fullest. It means to extract the fullest maximum out of your human biology and metabolism, in order to create the most epic shit while you’re still alive.

That means to strive with every fiber of your being to become the most fully-formed artist you can. It means to see no barriers between art, philosophy, and science. It means to integrate everything you learn via cross-pollination, and become an ultimately unified you.

A lot of scientists are looking for some “unified field theory” that links everything in the universe together. While I see the pursuit of that knowledge as noble, I don’t see it as very practical. I’d rather seek to discover my own unified field theory for myself— the ultimate zenith of “know thyself”, and then to everyday strive to become more.

This means to never stop building my mind, building my muscles, building my artistic sense and knowledge, and to never stop creating. This also means for me to get less distracted in life; everyday subtract one distraction. And when I say “distract”; anything which scatters your focus.

At best, we might live to be around 90-100 years old. My grandfather died at around age 92 (and he was very overweight and unhealthy—thus, I think if I stay in good shape, perhaps I can live to be around 100.

Anyways, my idea is in life—if we are remembered for even one idea, concept, or piece of art which empowers (current) humanity, or future generations of humanity — we have done our job as a human being.

And this is why focus is so essential — everyday we want to focus our laser beam a little more. We are like a magnifying glass; we take the power from the sun, and focus it into a laser beam which can cut holes through steel! The more focused your laser beam, the deeper you can cut with your laser, and the more of an impact you can make in the world and society.

So friend to conclude this essay, I just want you to ask yourself:

How can I arrange my life so I can maximize my “thrivival” in life?

I think we live in a post-survival society — if we no longer fear starving to death, dying of thirst, or dying of the cold — what else do we really have to fear?



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