Hand abstract and blue background. Marseille, 2017

In Praise of a Dynamic Life

A mini epiphany that I had while studying the philosopher Democritus: true happiness in life is about living a DYNAMIC, changing, and evolving one —rather than a static, “safe”, and “comfortable” lifestyle.

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1. What is a dynamic life?

Marseille sunset, 2017
Marseille sunset, 2017

I think I’ve known this all my life —I prefer a dynamic life and lifestyle.

A dynamic life means you’re constantly in a state of flux. You’re not just stuck in one spot. You’re constantly growing, changing, evolving, and advancing yourself. You’re growing your knowledge, muscles, and your flexibility. You’re learning wisdom from others, and constantly challenging your own beliefs, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and sharing with others what you’re learning.

2. Dynamic photography, art, and travels

Orange transparency at night. Marseille, 2017
Orange transparency at night. Marseille, 2017

In photography, that means to make dynamic compositions; avoiding boring, straight, and symmetrical photos. Instead, opting for tilted frames, with asymmetric compositions, which are edgy, have movement, and yet still balanced.

I think in life, I also prefer a dynamic life —full of travel, not being rooted in just one spot (like a tree)— rather, being like a tumbleweed, and picking up things as I go.

3. Dynamic concepts

Cindy’s mom and Cindy holding hands. Marseille, 2018
Cindy’s mom and Cindy holding hands. Marseille, 2018

Applied to other domains: the notion of dynamism appeals to me.

With exercise and workouts, seek dynamic ones. For example, dynamic stretching instead of static stretching. Dynamic workouts instead of boring gym machines.

Children are dynamic: they get bored easily, and are like sponges, constantly learning, challenging themselves, and seeking new adventures.

Liberty and equality. Marseille, 2018
Liberty and equality. Marseille, 2018

What if we lived a life where we didn’t seek comfort, security, a big cozy house with a mortgage, a steady income, or guaranteed benefits? What if we lived life with more adventure, with less certainty, but with more excitement and dynamism?

I’m still not 100% sure what that would look like, but it is an interesting idea to ponder.

4. I’m a citizen of the world

Eric kim global

In practical terms for myself, I feel more freedom and liberation not wanting or desiring “security”, “roots”, or a house to call home.

Rather, I feel at home anywhere I am in the world —whether on my friend Alexander Amy’s couch, whether at my cousin Patty’s house in New Jersey, whether I’m at an Airbnb in Berlin, with my friends Martin and Marketa in Prague, or house/cat sitting for a friend in Marseille.

Eric kim at work

I don’t want to seek a static life where I suddenly make a bunch of money, and can live at home for the rest of my life. I always want to be a little uncomfortable in life, so I prevent myself from becoming too static and complacent.

It also means in my life and thinking —to always challenge my beliefs, and to not stay trapped in my own personal philosophy. Also, to not define myself or pigeonhole myself in a genre or to be confined to a static biography.

“Artist Eric” by Annette Kim from “Zen of Eric” Visualization

ERIC KIM is constantly in the making; becoming something different — better, smarter, stronger, yet sometimes more foolish, silly, or childish.

So friend, I don’t know what your life situation is, but — let’s both seek to live a more dynamic life.

5. Dynamic ideas we can integrate into our lives

Eric kim meditate zen

Easy dynamic ideas to integrate:

  1. Dynamic exercises at the gym or at home (no gym machines)
  2. Dynamic diet (don’t always eat the same thing; have variety in our diet)
  3. Dynamic art (don’t just be a photographer, experiment with all visual arts, dance, make music, films, etc).
  4. Dynamic lifestyle: opt for more freedom, flexibility, and optionality whenever you have the chance
  5. Dynamic personality: don’t stick with one persona for yourself; your personality is always changing and in flux. Don’t become boxed into a charicature or yourself (don’t become Will Ferrell and become trapped in just one type of personality).

Be dynamic dynamite!



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