What Makes You Stronger? What Makes You Weaker?

A thought:

In life, do things and consume things which make you stronger. Don’t do anything or consume anything that makes you weaker.

This is my thought:

Individualism is good. What is good for you isn’t necessarily good for others, and what is good for others isn’t necessarily good for you.

If we believe that individualism is good, then what this means is this:

Focus on YOUR individual self-development and self-empowerment.

How can society evolve or go forward?

I believe that the archimedes lever of society comes from individuals; great individuals.

Now — just because one person is great doesn’t mean that you’re not great. No — we can make a society with MANY great individuals!

Consider the great individuals who have driven society forward: Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. The misfits, the rebels, the ones who perceived injustice– who took epic risks and sacrifices to stand up for what they really believe in.

You can become great too. All the other great individuals from the past were made of flesh and bone — just like me and you. They weren’t demi-gods.

Become the same level as your role-models

Thus whenever we look up to our role models, we must realize– they are more similar to us than dissimilar!

When we look at individuals who we admire, we should strive to attain their same level of greatness– and also go BEYOND them!

I think the problem is when we look at great individuals in history, and we feel diminished by them. We should never feel smaller or diminished when comparing ourselves to others. No — we should rather strive to constantly elevate ourselves, and to use other great individuals as a positive STIMULUS to our own hustle!

Don’t do or consume what makes you weaker

low angle perspective American flag Korean veteran

This is highly individual to you:

Don’t do or consume anything which makes you weaker.

For example:

  1. Don’t consume foods or drinks which weaken you
  2. Don’t interact with people who weaken you (leeches, negative people, petty people).
  3. Don’t do or consume drugs which weaken you

Do or consume which makes you stronger

Do you consider yourself more similar to others, or more dissimilar from others? I feel that once you determine this, it will totally change how you live your life.

I have no idea what is best for other people. I have no idea what the preferences of others are. And to be frank, I don’t have the time or mental energy to even concern myself with the preferences of others.

Thus it seems that the only logical thing is to just focus on myself — focusing on making myself more powerful, focusing on giving me more self-confidence, more self-faith, and literally more physical and mental power/vigor.

I think what this means is to really focus intensely on self-experimentation for yourself, and once you determine what makes you stronger — focus on doing more of that!


As a practical takeaway: focus more of your mental energy and efforts in seeking self-wisdom — specifically learning what makes you stronger and what makes you weaker.

  1. Do more and consume more of what makes you stronger
  2. Do less and consume less of what makes you weaker




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