Why Hate?

My new rule to myself:

I will never hate, nay-say, or criticize anyone else.

Don’t do unto others as you don’t want others to do unto you

First proposition:

I don’t think anyone likes it when others hate on them.

Thus if we don’t like it when others hate on us or criticize us, why criticize/hate on others?

Generally this moral means:

As long as others aren’t killing others or being insanely intolerant, leave others alone.

This means for ourselves– we should be more tolerant towards others (unless other people are intolerant).

Why don’t we talk about ‘tolerance’ anymore?

I remember when I was a kid, we always talked about ‘tolerance’. But it seems this notion of tolerance is dead. Why?

Perhaps it is because the educated elite want to superimpose their values upon us– as if they were the ultimate values?

It also seems the notion of ‘equality’ has stamped out the notion of ‘tolerance’. But there is a HUGE categorical difference between ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance’.

I don’t think all of society should be equal in-itself; differences are good. I think society should allow everyone to be different– not to try to super-impose “equality” unto everyone.

Why do haters hate?

I cannot definitely say why all haters hate. However I think I know enough about the psychology of haters and trolls to know the following:

  1. People hate others when they feel threatened: This is due to an individual having low self-esteem; they only judge their esteem when comparing themselves to you. Thus, when they see you being more “successful” than them, they will hate on you– to hopefully hurt your feelings or wound your ego, in order for them to feel better about themselves.
  2. People hate when they are intolerant: Most people who hate on you for having different opinions, thoughts, lifestyle is when they think THEY are the ultimate arbiter of truth and wisdom, and they do not accept the fact that all truth/knowledge is subjective and shouldn’t be universal. Thus most haters are very narrow-minded individuals, who lack the wisdom to think beyond their own mind.

Become more self-centered, self-focused, and selfish

In modern society, when we say the word “selfish” we mean to say “evil”.

However if our goal is to have a maximally-tolerant society, with the most personal freedom and control over our lives– it seems that the best and most noble way of living is actually in-fact a more ‘selfish’ and self-centered/self-focused lifestyle.

This means NOT superimposing your own personal virtues onto others, and also it means that recognizing that what is a vice to you isn’t a vice to others. Furthermore, it means realizing that what is good for others isn’t good for you, and what is good for you isn’t good for others.


No more hating, negativity, or petty bullshit.

Let us be great, magnanimous, and focus on ourselves– for us to create great things.




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