Is the Point of Life to Be Satisfied?

In my quest of philosophical truths– one question which has been puzzling to me:

Is the point of life to be ‘satisfied’?

I’m never satisfied

A little about myself.

I am never satisfied.

Nothing is ever good enough for me, but I often ‘satisfice’ (satisfy + suffice) for my needs. Practically speaking, I know there will never be a perfect tool or thing– thus, I generally settle for ‘80% good enough’. Or nowadays, around ‘90% good enough’.

Anyways this is the strange thing–

In modern society, we are taught to be dissatisfied is evil; a vice.

Instead, we are taught (probably by Judeo-Christian morality) that we should be satisfied with what we have. Taken further– Zen, Taoism, and Buddhism all preach the same idea:

To reach sublime bliss, don’t desire anything, don’t be attached to anything, and be supremely satisfied.

But I am still a bit suspicious of this kind of morality and philosophy —

What are the negative consequences if man were easily satisfied?

Thank God that men aren’t easily placated

I believe in the human spirit and the individual human. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful, grand, and wonderful than the human being.

This is my theory:

In order for humans to strive for more greatness, it is our dissatisfaction and implacable nature which drives us upwards to greater heights!

In short,

Dissatisfaction drives us towards greater heights.

What does a dissatisfied life look like?

This is a clear separation I want to make:

Be dissatisfied with your actions, accomplishments, and creations– not with your possessions, stuff, etc.

I think you can be BOTH dissatisfied yet appreciative of your past actions.

For example, I look at my older photographs, and I am very appreciative of them. I am so glad and have deep gratitude for my past work. Yet — I am still hungry. I still want more!

Perhaps this hunger for more is what drives us forward — to help us become a greater artist?

Strive for more

Thus friends– as fellow entrepreneurs and risk-takers and risk-makers, we must STRIVE FOR MORE! We must never stop striving for more– specifically,

We must never stop striving for us to become stronger, greater, and to create more epic shit!

Never stop striving,

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