Beyond Survival; Thrivival

Dear friend,

Basic idea:

Let us seek to thrive in life, not merely survive.

A post-survival society

Korean veteran

The notion I hate is this:

As humans, all we want to do is survive.

No. As humans, we are beyond that. We have so much more potential than mere survival, especially in today’s world (where the default is survival).

I say let us go beyond mere survival. Let us focus on “thrivival” (my term— a life focused on thriving).

Why thrive?

New York City

To me, to thrive is human. As humans, we always want to improve ourselves, improve our lives, and to build new things! We desire to build new monuments, new ideas, new buildings, and to create new inventions! If humans were engineered to prefer comfort and were easily satisfied, we would all just still be eating acorns.


I think a life that is focused on thriving is more fun, exciting, and enjoyable!

How to thrive

Washington dc

To thrive means:

1. Never stop learning:

American library of Congress

Remember the Venetian proverb, “The sea is deeper the further you go into it.” To continually seek new knowledge and to pave new roads of understanding is noble.

Cindy library of Congress

Also, I still believe that there are tons of undiscovered knowledge — knowledge that we can still discover! Everything hasn’t been discovered yet!

2. Allow yourself to change and evolve:


Over time, as you gain more experiences and live more life, you’re going to change. Don’t become a self-tyrant. Consistency is death. In order to keep growing, you must allow yourself to continuously learn, develop, and push yourself!

Modern museum Stanford

Too often in life, we stop evolving, because we force ourselves to stay consistent to the same mould. I say, break out of all moulds and templates which are prescribed by society. Create a new you, everyday.

3. Never self-censor your curiosity

As children, we are all born curious. Yet, as we get older, the curiosity is beaten out of us by our parents and society.

I say, as you get older, become more curious! The great thing about being an adult: you are curious and you have money! Use your money as a tool to continue pursuing things you are curious about! Money can be a multiplier for your curiosity.

Conclusion: Don’t just survive, thrive.

Thrivival is our motto. Let us never stop pursuing new roads, and creating our own new roads of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


Life is short, yet long. Why waste any of it worrying about basic stuff — like mere survival?


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