How to Live a Heroic Life: Dare the Heights! #philosophy

When in doubt, live more dangerously:

Dear friend,

An idea:

Dare the heights!

What can you control in life?

In life, two things we can control:

  1. How daring we live our lives
  2. How high we aim

1. How daring we live our lives

The only thing guaranteed for us is death. Knowing that you will (and must) die, how do you desire to live out your life? Do you wish to live a heroic life, and die a glorious death? Or do you seek to live out a boring, generic life?

You have the power to live your life however you dictate. You can control the degree of risks you take in life.

An idea I believe in:

When in doubt, live more dangerously.


When in doubt, take bolder risks, and live more daringly!

2. How high will you aim?

Set the bar high. Better to set a high bar, and come a little bit short of it– instead of setting the bar too low, and reaching it.

For example, better to aim to do a 500 pound deadlift in your lifetime, and “only” hit 400 pounds, instead of aiming to do a 300 pound deadlift, and hitting it.

Or better to seek to do something truly truly great and epic in your life, and fail– than to do something mediocre and succeed.

You choose.

You choose how to live your life. But I think — if you want to live a more fun, heroic, and epic life, why not dare the heights?


For more inspiration, read Homer’s Iliad.

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