Kill the Leeches

I’m pretty excited for the new VENOM movie, and started to do a little philosophical musings on the concepts of:

  • Symbiotic relationships
  • Parasitic relationships


PDF: Kill the leeches

Kill the parasites

For the most part, if one day, someone killed all the mosquitos in the world, I would feel no sadness. The same goes with leeches; if one day, we killed all the leeches, I wouldn’t feel so bad (although it is useful that the chemical ‘hirudin‘ can be extracted from leeches, to prevent blood from hardening).

And unfortunately, there are a lot of people in society who are pure parasites– who take 100% and give 0% (kind of like my dad in the past).

To be frank, I have no compassion for people in society who are pure leeches.


Venom is an interesting character. Essentially what you gotta know is this:

Venom is the combination of the human-reporter ‘Eddie Brock’, and a ‘Symbiote’ (alien from space).

The reason why VENOM is interesting is because he is a symbiosis of human-alien. And the Symbiote (alien) has its own motives, but actually helps Eddie Brock, by giving him super-human strength, etc.

In other words,

“I will scratch your back, if you also scratch my back.”

Human relationships

Some human relationships are symbiotic: both individuals help empower one another.

However some human relationships are parasitic — there is obviously one individual who is getting FAR more benefit, without giving anything.

In other words:

There are some humans who give more than they take, and there are other humans who take more than they give.

And even worse (for parasites):

They take 100%, and give 0%.

I don’t think that parasites have a spot in our society.

Who are the leeches in your life?

The leech is an interesting organism. It is technically a ‘predator’ — it has sharp teeth, and sucks blood for nutrition.

Now, I don’t think a leech is ‘evil’. It is another organism — evolved to become a predator in order to “make a living”.

Anyways, the problem with leeches is this:

They suck and suck and suck your blood, resources, money, time, attention, and life-energy; and give you nothing in return.

My buddy Mike Tyson (Netflix Documentary) reveled that the reason why he lost so much money is because he had so many leeches in his life. This included former managers, Don King, etc.

I can personally attest to the downside of human-leeches; ie. My dad. He essentially didn’t hold down a real job since I was 2 years old, and just leeched off my mom and family. All he did was sit at home, do menial house chores, drive me and my sister around, but mostly (90%+ of the time) he would watch movies, read books, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, and eat frozen TV-dinners.

Now to be frank, I wouldn’t mind so much if my dad continued this lifestyle. But the problem was this:

He did a ‘net negative’ to my family, by inflicting pain upon my mom (both mental and physical), and also by leeching my mom’s hard-worked money (in order for him to go gambling, etc).

For people: if someone is living their life in a way which is not agreeable to you (but they aren’t doing anyone else harm), the best policy is just to leave them alone. But if you see someone that is inflicting harm on other humans, leeching off other humans (and society), they don’t deserve any compassion or sympathy.

What is the best way to get rid of a leech?

Apparently the best way to get rid of a (real) leech, is the simple way:

Tug hard, and rip it off you.

It might sting a bit, but its actually more effective than burning it with a lighter (which will sometimes cause it to release acid from the leech’s stomach).

Anyways, if you have anyone in your life that you suspect is a leech, this is my simple solution:

Rip them off you, quickly, and effectively.

This means, cut people from your life cold-turkey. Your life is too short; why waste time slowly weeding people out of your life?

I don’t believe in “middle-measures”; I like to embrace the extremes. Contrary to popular belief, I think the best way to lose excess body adipose tissue (fat) is to just 100% cold-turkey stop consuming sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and simple starches.

If someone is a leech, they don’t deserve an explanation, or whatever. To be honest, cut them away effectively efficiently; block their phone number, block their email, and block any form of communication with them. If they are leeches in your home, just kick them to the curb. I wish my mom did this to my dad earlier.

Giving more than you take

My best friend Seneca wrote eloquently in his treatise-book, ‘On Benefits‘ about this simple concept:

Benefit others (help empower others) more than you take.

This is such a simple and elegant idea. To succeed in life, to be happier, or to become more epic– just give more than you take!


One concept I believe in is ‘producerism‘ (the opposite of consumerism). The idea is simple:

Produce more than you consume.

In modern life, I think most of us consume 80% of the time, and only produce 20% of the time. I propose the opposite:

Produce 80% of the time, and consume only 20% of the time.

It is simple– the more you produce, the more you increase your likelihood of success. And if you consume more than you produce, you will become fat, overweight, flabby, and weak.


To end this letter to you, simple takeaways:

  1. Give more than you take
  2. Ruthlessly cut leeches/parasites from your life
  3. When judging your relationships with others– ask yourself: “Is this a symbiotic relationship, or a parasitic relationship?” Cut the parasites.
  4. The best way to cut leeches is to ruthlessly pull them off you. Best way to cut them from your life is the “100% ignoring” cold-turkey approach.
  5. Produce more than you consume, and the more likely you will be successful in your art and entrepreneurial pursuits.


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