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Why don’t we give enough credence and credit to ourselves, and our own will-power?

We are soft

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To me, you can separate almost all people into two categories:

Hard or soft.

  • Hard individuals: have been tempered by difficulty, suffering, and danger in the past. Yet, they have been tempered by the fire. Like Vulcan with his golden-hot hammer, the heat, the force is required to make indestructible arms.
  • Soft individuals: have been pampered by their parents. No discipline given. Never taught consequences, parents have given them hand-outs, and never had to hustle hard or work for anything in their lives.

Willpower over nurture

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This is my personal hierarchy:


This means,

  1. Nature: We cannot change our nature (our DNA, etc).
  2. Nurture: How we were raised. We cannot really control how our parents raised us, or what our upbringing was.
  3. Willpower: This is where we have 100% power– you treat your nature and nurture like play-dough; like a child, you can mould this however you decide!

How to Gain Willpower

I truly believe that enough willpower can move matter, change matter, and change-impact the world.

How do we gain more willpower? Simple ideas:

  1. Drink more black coffee (no cream, sugar)
  2. Fast more during the day (no eating breakfast or lunch– fast until dinner or sunset)
  3. Powerlifting (deadlift, squat, heavy dumbbell press. Workouts which push your personal ‘1 rep max’)
  4. Listen to music that empowers you, stimulates your muscles, and motivates you to move and dance!
  5. Ruthlessly eliminate distractions, in order to focus your will-power. Noise-Canceling headphones, separating yourself from distracting folks, not letting technology or media distract you.

Do we even have ‘free will’?

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Yes we have free will. If you didn’t believe in free will, why live?

If you believe that you have free will, then you will realize the truth:

With any supreme effort of your own personal willpower, you can achieve, do, create, or achieve anything.


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