The Psychology of Trolls and Haters

Don’t let the fear of trolls/haters prevent you from doing cool/epic shit in life. Here are some of my thoughts and philosophies on the psychology of trolls:

  1. Many trolls/”haters” are just hyper-intelligent people who are following their own code of ethics, and they see what you’re doing as morally wrong/repulsive. Therefore it is their duty to censor you. That is cool; they’re following what is true to them, but don’t let this prevent you from doing what you desire to do.

  2. Lots of trolls/haters have mental-psychological issues. The Stoic philosophy, “The doctor doesn’t get angry at the sick patient” holds true. If someone has a mental disease (like bipolarism, schizophrenia, etc) — it isn’t their fault. Don’t blame them for being a rabid dog, or a crying baby.

  3. A lot of people want to pursue their dreams in life, and they feel envious/bad about themselves when they see you “doing you”. Therefore, they want to kind of be you — in the sense that they wish that they can feel the same happiness and joy in life as you do. Therefore, feel pity on them. Rather than biting back at these haters/trolls– realize that they are just like you; they desire to be a change in the world, yet they feel disempowered.

  4. Haters as a sign of success: The more successful you become, the more haters you will get. Nobody hates on a “nobody”. Therefore, if people start giving you negative feedback/comments– treat it like a good thing. You’re ruffling peoples’ feathers, and disrupting the ‘status quo’. In my experience when I was a newbie starting off; everyone was very supportive. The more experienced and famous I got, the more haters I got. So don’t be afraid of haters/trolls– rather, SEEK TO GET HATERS AND TROLLS! Because that is the only sign that you are making ripples.


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