What is Good For Others Isn’t Good for You

Dear friend,

A philosophical idea:

What is good for others isn’t good for you.

Thus, you are safe ignoring everyone else and their advice.

I think others mean well when they offer (unsolicited) advice to you. But this is the problem:

You’re different than everyone else, thus any feedback or advice you get from others will be ineffective.

Are you more similar or dissimilar from others?

This is the problem:

Most people assume that you want the same things that they do.

This is because we can only refer to our own motives and desires. It is difficult for us to think that it is possible that other people have different desires, hopes, and ambitions as us!

Everyone else is an idiot

This is another problem:

When you tell others that you have different desires than them, they think you’re an idiot (because the other person assumes they’re the nexus of all ultimate truth and rationality).

Also often when people call you "irrational", they’re calling you irrational because they assume that they’re the truly rational ones. Thus when you make a decision that is contrary to what they believe in, they assume you’re "irrational". But remember, rationality is subjective; you’re only "rational" if you’re acting in accordance to benefit yourself.

Thus, this means ignoring all "lifestyle experts" who tell us how we can become "happier" and "more productive" in life. Because once again, their personal goals aren’t aligned with yours!

Experts tell us what we should do, think, act, eat, drink, sleep, fuck, etc. I think this is bullshit, but modern society has trained us to trust the experts, instead of trusting ourselves.

Thus we have a whole generation of people in society who don’t know what their true preferences are, and they have forgot what their true desires are (or they don’t allow themselves to follow and pursue their own desires and instincts).

Only trust yourself

Ultimately my suggestion to you is this:

Only trust yourself.

To be honest, most of us don’t even know ourselves! Most of us don’t know what our true preferences are, we don’t know why we act or think the way we do, our memory is faulty, and we tend to fall into "narrative fallacies" in our life.

Thus, it is already difficult enough for ourselves to understand ourselves. Why trust someone else, who knows EVEN LESS (or nothing) about you?