Live Dynamic

A dynamic life is the best life:

What does ‘dynamic’ mean?

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My thought:

A dynamic life is a life which delights in change, flux, chaos, and randomness.

In other words, we hate:

  1. We hate stability
  2. We hate the same
  3. We hate the boring
  4. We hate the predictable
  5. We hate the safe

Why live a dynamic life?

To me, a dynamic life is more fun and exciting. Like Nietzsche said, “Life is infinitely too short to allow yourself be bored.”

How to live a more dynamic life

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  1. Travel more
  2. Live abroad
  3. Spend more time outside of your house
  4. Switch up your routine
  5. Don’t pre-plan your life
  6. Delight in randomness and chaos that occurs in your everyday life
  7. Taking risks, chances, and the uncertain options in life

Live dynamic,


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