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Beyond Freedom

I think a lot of us are striving towards freedom. We want ‘location independence‘ (freedom), we want ‘financial independence‘ (freedom), and we want freedom of speech.

But once we have all the freedoms we need (social freedom, political freedom, economic freedom)– then what?

Why I love about American culture

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Over the last decade, I’ve traveled the world, and experienced/studied/analyzed different cultures.

Currently my thought is this:

Out of all the cultures in the world, I think that the American culture is the ‘best’ for myself.

I think the cardinal virtues of American culture is:

  1. Independence (freedom)
  2. Individuality
  3. Encouragement to be different, to march according to the beat of your own drum.

I think that these are necessary steps (pre-requisite) towards your own personal thriving/apotheosis. But I don’t think that the above virtues are ends in themselves.

Once again– individuality, independence (freedom), and freedom of self-expression aren’t the ultimate goal. I think the ultimate goal is:

To reach the zenith (highest point) of your own personal power (mental/physical/artistic power), and to create the greatest art-works.



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