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Idolize People, Not Stuff

A thought:

Why is it that we idolize things (cars, objects, devices, homes, stuff)? Shouldn’t we be idolizing people and their character-traits instead?

Why do we desire things/stuff?

This thought occurred to me as I was walking around the block, and also thinking about the American desire/dream/lust for cars.

Many Americans aspire towards owning a certain type of car, to make themselves feel stronger, sexier, more powerful, more ‘successful’, faster, more masculine (or feminine), ‘respected’, etc.

For example, when we look at sports cars, the design is often fierce, muscular, strong, fast, and powerful. But why desire an object to give us those feelings– perhaps we should focus that energy on improving and strengthening our own bodies instead? Why does it matter if your car has 400 horsepower but you cannot even deadlift 400 pounds (even worse– having a fast car, but not even being able to run a lap around a track without losing your breath).

Or what is the point of owning a sexy car, or a sexy object/anything–if we don’t consider our own bodies sexy when we look at ourselves naked in the mirror? Shouldn’t we focus on admiring ourselves, and our own personal aesthetics?

Look up to your heroes

Elon Musk

So my basic idea is this:

It is good to admire/idolize people; not stuff/objects/things.

For example, I really like the strongman Eddie Hall. He is a beast– and whenever I attempt a new PR for my deadlift, I think about him and his beastly 1000+pound deadlift.

Or when I want to feel bolder, riskier, or more innovative– I think about my idols Steve Jobs, Kanye West, and Elon Musk.

Only people are beautiful.

leonidas-wallpaper king 300 spartan
King Leonidas and the 300

As a general shift, let us admire people, traits; not stuff.

Let us admire the courage and valor of a spartan 300 warrior, not the fashion of an (insecure) person trying to peacock. Let us admire the brazenness of Mother Teresa or Gandhi, instead of admiring the watch or a bag of someone else. Let us admire the speed of Usain Bolt, not the speed of a sports car.

Modern degeneracy?

Is a sign and a symptom that modern-day capitalism/consumerism is a degenerate one because we have shifted from admiring heroes and individuals (Ancient Greek times) into admiring objects, things, and consumables? (Modern day consumerist economics).

Why have we lost our faith in our fellow men? Why have we lost the faith in geniuses, and those with a brave heart and soul?

I cannot say– but I know for myself I will try to shift my thinking this way:

Admire things less; admire people more.



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