Why I Love Porsche Design

Porsche as the best designed sports car (inspiration from my buddy Don).

1. Emphasis on timeless design

Focus on classic proportions. The changes to design are subtle, and more involving innovation of materials (lighter titanium carbon fiber), technology (horsepower), and subtle aesthetics (gills, fenders, tail pipes).

2. Focus on simplification

Emphasis on simplification of form, not addition of superfluous elements. Not constantly changing the design.

3. Colors

Classic colors— bold, clean, and timeless.

4. More muscle, less fat

Focus on making the car faster, but not to weigh more. Obsession with weight savings.

5. Identity

Focus on creating a unique identity— ignoring everyone else. Focus on self.

6. Endless pursuit for more

It seems life is about growth— growth of power, strength, and innovation. To always desire more and to never be satisfied is good!

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