Personal Bodily Aesthetics

There is no “ideal” body shape. Just strive to look the way you want to look:

Why I don’t eat sugar, carbs, dairy, starch, or alcohol

Generally speaking I prefer looking more “lean and mean” for myself. Before I take a shower, I like to see my abdominal muscles. I like looking at myself in the mirror and being able to see more of my cheek bones in my face. I don’t like looking “puffy” when I’m more plump with a higher body fat percentage.

I don’t have any moralistic qualms over alcohol, carbs, sugars, snacks, etc. To me, I just don’t like having body fat (adipose tissue) on me.

But this is the thing:

I don’t desire to superimpose my strict standards on others.

And on the other hand, I don’t want anyone to prevent me from following my own diet regimen. For example I delight in my “egg snacks” in the evening (10-12 eggs after dinner, often around 11pm).

But for myself, I care so much about my personal and bodily aesthetics that I will pursue whatever lifestyle, diet/exercise regimen to look and feel the way I want to (intermittent fasting + ketogenic diet).

Just do what you want to do

My simple philosophy in life:

Only do what you want to do, don’t do what you don’t want to do.

Don’t force yourself to follow a diet or exercise regimen you personally don’t believe in or care for. Your life is yours, listen to yourself, follow your own gut/conscience, and don’t let anyone prevent you from doing so. And certainly don’t get in your own way!