A Life Without Pain or Suffering isn’t a Life Worth Living

A philosophical thing:

The point isn’t to eliminate all forms of pain and suffering.

The point is:

Gain more freedom over your personal life, and channel the GOOD types of pain and “suffering” to propel you to higher heights, and to become more epic and powerful!

What is ‘suffering’?


My thought is that “suffering” is the type of “bad pain” in which you don’t have control over your life, and the pain is generally inflicted upon you by an outside party.

But the fact is, there will ALWAYS be pain, suffering, and injustice in the world.

Non-chronic suffering

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” – Nietzsche

Small doses of suffering are actually beneficial to us. For example, a lot of my (limited) childhood trauma was BENEFICIAL to me! It made me stronger.

I do not want to shelter my future child. I don’t want to prevent my child from experiencing trauma. My goal is this:

If my child happens to experience trauma, teaching them how to become more resilient/antifragile (the small dose of trauma actually strengthens them).

Bounce back (stronger than before)

Thus suffering in small doses is beneficial to us.

And I don’t think this means we should force suffering onto others. It will naturally happen to everyone! Perhaps we have to simply teach individuals how to ‘bounce back’ from trauma in life, and how you can channel that trauma in a positive way.

Good pain

The pain of sitting in one spot for too long is beneficial. It motivates us to move!

The pain associated with interacting with shitty people is good. It teaches us to CUT TIES with that individual!

Also the good pain stimulus from working out (delayed onset muscle soreness, DOMS) as a signal that our body is actually growing and becoming stronger!

Pain teaches us. A life without pain is not a life worth living.


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