Good Pain

A life without pain and suffering is undesirable. This means, having pain and suffering in life is BENEFICIAL to life.

But the question is– what type of pain is ‘good’ and beneficial to us, which helps us to grow?

Post-traumatic growth

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Small doses of trauma as a child is beneficial and good, because it is our scars which help us become more mentally resilient in life.

The goal isn’t to prevent your child from experiencing pain, suffering, and trauma. It is teaching our kids that the real world is painful, unfair, and unjust, and it is our duty to ‘become the change which we wish to see in the world.’

Exercise as good pain

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Exercise, lifting weights, and stressing/challenging your body as ‘good pain’. This beneficial pain helps our bodies stimulate growth hormones to build muscle and strength. Without “pain” (beneficial pain) associated with exercise, we could not get physiologically stronger.

I believe the same analogy applies with exercising our mind. Furthermore, difficult situations in life is what helps us grow more mentally strong.