Why Be Happy?

Why is happiness important? Why be happy?

The happier I am, the more creatively productive I am

My directive in life is this:

Maximize my creative productivity while I still live.

How to become happier

I think the best way to think about happiness is to think about strength. When I say I am ‘happy’, I mean to say:

I am over-abundant with physiological vigor, strength, and power.

It is a mindset/bodyset of overflowing vitality, and inner-wealth.

How to become stronger

Thus, it seems some practical tips include:

  1. Sleep 8+ hours a night
  2. Walk a lot during the day (walk in total of at least 2 hours a day)
  3. Expose yourself to sunlight, randomness/difference in environment
  4. Listen to music which strengthens and uplifts/empowers you
  5. Intermittent fasting: Don’t eat breakfast or lunch. During the day drink lots of black coffee (cold brew/espresso) and water. When you break your fast after 5pm, food will taste 1000x better. Furthermore, you will have more strength, vitality, and focus throughout the day.
  6. Build muscle: I encourage the ‘one rep max’ style training in powerlifting.

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