Free or Unfree?

A thought:

We can binary categorize human beings into two categories: free or unfree.

Servant or master?


A thought when I was on a cruise:

The reason why a cruise is so great is because you have so many ‘servants’ working for you.

Then I thought about the word ‘servant’, and discovered the etymology of the word originates from Latin (servus), which literally means ‘slave’.

The reason why everyone (passengers) on a cruise has such a good time:

You are a pseudo-master (you don’t need to labor or toil for anything — everything is taken care for you).

You don’t need to cook, clean, etc. You just ‘have fun’.

Free or unfree?


Then I thought today:

The goal is to become free. It doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or successful you are. Being rich/successful/famous and unfree is akin to being a slave.

For example I can be a famous musician, but as long as I am signed to a label — I do not have 100% freedom. Thus, I am still a slave/servant to the music industry (even though I’m making millions of dollars, driving a Lamborghini, have big house, etc).

Thus the goal is simple:

Become maximally free. Everything else will follow.



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