Only Do What is Best for You!

A new way of thinking about life:

I will optimize my life to live in accordance to myself. To optimize my life which is best for me. To optimize my life to not put unnecessary stress on myself (only positive stress, ‘eustress‘). To live more like a child– playfully, to challenge myself, and to live life to the fullest.

To ignore conventional wisdom. To discover the wisdom which works best for myself.

This means:

  1. To live and think unconventionally: To disdain convention. To realize that most of what is conventional is probably ‘wrong’.
  2. To never compromise. To always follow my gut, even though it may ‘inconvenience’ or harm others.
  3. To realize that the most altruistic thing you can do is help yourself to the maximum. By building up yourself to the maximum, then you can actually gain the surplus to help others. To not think of ‘self-sacrifice’, but rather — “self-overflowing”. You create so much dopeness and share it with others!

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