The Eternal Return

A philosophy from my buddy Nietzsche:

How could you live your life in accordance as if you were to live it indefinitely, on loop, and to think this was the most sublime thing in existence?

A single day as a mini-lifetime

The first thought:

What if we treated our day, our 24-hour day, as a mini-lifetime?

How would this change how we live our day?

For me this means:

  1. Only do what you want to do
  2. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Then play your life on loop, indefinitely.

Eternity as a judge

Flower. USC

And the question is this:

If your life were structured this way, would you think this is divine joy? Or your deepest and darkest personal hell?

Eternal creative thriving

This is my personal goal: to thrive as a creative individual until I die at age 120.

This means I must employ all the waking hours of my day in a meaningful, powerful, and epic way.

Go deep

A lot of people tend to think that people are dumb. I disagree. I think we are all capable of deep thoughts, deep contemplation, and asking ourselves deeper philosophical questions.

So when in doubt, go deep with people. Avoid the superficial.

Never stop making

With your art-works, create things which are personally meaningful to you. Continue to create, produce, and thrive. This is perhaps the key to life?


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