Getting ready for my 'Creative Every Day' presentation at Google [thank you Cindy/Kevin]

What Do You Really Care For in Life?

A simple way to think about and approach life:

Only dedicate your energies on things you care for.

Curate = care

Getting ready for my 'Creative Every Day' presentation at Google [thank you Cindy/Kevin]
Getting ready for my ‘Creative Every Day’ presentation at Google [thank you Cindy/Kevin]

To ‘curate‘ your photos means to select the photos you care for.

This is my thought:

The word ‘care‘ is connected with the notion of “concern/action”

Considering our lives are short and limited, what do you care enough about [concerned about] that you want to ACT upon it?

What I care for

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Knowing that my life is limited, and I only have X amount of energy everyday — what do I, Eric Kim truly care for?

I care to dedicate and devote my attention, time, energy, strength, and talents to create ideas which I hope empowers others.

Who is the human being I care for the most? Cindy. Then my sister/mom, then family/friends.

You need to have many things you DON’T care for in life [in order to thrive]

The basic notion of ‘caring’ is this:

Accept your limited time, energy, and life. Don’t squander any of your life-force on what you don’t care about.

And this is the great thing:

You can dictate for yourself what you care for and what you don’t care for.

What I don’t care for

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If you’re not sure what you care about, perhaps the effective strategy is create a list of things you DON’T care for.

For myself:

  1. Don’t care for money: I like paying for rent, eating meat, buying coffee, etc. But I don’t care to use money as a point-system to quantify my ‘progress’ or ‘self-worth’ in life.
  2. Don’t care for fame: I’ve got famous, and while it is a ‘net positive’ to be famous [especially within a small niche], I honestly don’t care for fame too much. Generally speaking people think that fame is useful to accumulate more money. But considering I don’t care for money, I also don’t care for fame. I only care for fame insofar much as my ability to impact the lives/minds of others [hopefully for the better].
  3. Don’t care for material possessions: Besides owning a matte black Lamborghini, I don’t care much for physical or material possessions. Clothing = all black merino wool clothing [I only need 2 pairs]. For creative activities, all I need is a RICOH GR III, my MacBook laptop, and iPad [optional].
  4. Don’t care for home: I prefer a nomadic life, so I never want to become a home-owner. Furthermore, I don’t want to deal with the stress of owning/maintaining a home. As long as I am physically with Cindy, she is my home.

I got a trillion other things I don’t care for, but determining what I don’t care for has simplified my life for the better.

Create what you care for

What do you care to create?

For myself, I love making photographs. I care for this creative activity!

If you care for your creative activities, let everything else fall to the wayside. Prioritize your artwork, and let your job, career, and other boring stuff fall to the bottom.

Selecting photos you care for

When selecting your photos, only ‘keep’ the photos you care for. And if you want somewhere to share your photos or get honest feedback on your photos, upload them to

You choose!

collage cindy abstract

You have the power to direct your life however you want. You have the power to dictate what you desire TO DO and what NOT to do.

Spend more time thinking about what you truly care for and what you truly desire to do, create, make, and become in this life. And whatever you do– do it brazenly, and amazingly!



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