Why I Want to Buy a Lamborghini

Lamborghini Veneno — the best designed car ever.

I don’t want much in life– just a Lamborghini.

Let me describe why this Lamborghini is the best-designed car ever.

1. Eye is triangle

The car is essentially a big-ass triangle in terms of design. Let us look at the eyes of the car (note that all car design goes back to how animals are ‘designed’)

2. Side view (downforce)

If you think about how a wing of a plane works — it creates ‘up force’ — which allows it to fly.

The way the Lamborghini Veneno is designed– it is the exact opposite. Therefore you create ‘down-force’ — which allows the Lambo to be lower to the ground, with less drag, and therefore put more rubber to the track, and therefore drive faster:

3. Open up the suicide doors

Look at the scissor doors of the Lamborghini — it essentially creates a bunch of triangles, which is beautiful to the human eye, and also strong:

Note it also looks like the triangles of a stegosaurus:

4. Lamborghini Angels

From my buddy Lupe Fiasco he says:

I see diamond-flooded demons, Lamborghini Angels — halos down with the doors flapping when they came through.

The Lamborghini is a symbolism of materialism, greed, and the devil (pretending to be an Angel) in disguise.

Moral of the story: don’t get suckered by materialism, and be like Eric Kim and want to buy a Lamborghini to look cool, to have everyone love him, to drive fast, to assert his masculinity, and be a badass like Batman (Bruce Wayne):

Or be like Kanye West and get a drive-through burger with a blacked-out Lambo:

I want to be like Yeezy:

Essentially, the reason I want to buy a Lamborghini is to become more ‘self-realized’ like Kanye West. And I think buying a Lamborghini will do that.