In Praise of iPad for Photographers and Visual Artists

Been testing out the beta iPad OS on my iPad pro 10.5 inch and loving it! It has simplified my photographic workflow by at least 10x!

iPad SD card adapter

I use the Apple SD card adapter for iPad and it is awesome. Super fast and simple, and using the native photos app has simplified and sped up my photographic workflow considerably.


  1. Import photos to iPad with SD adapter
  2. Go through photos and “favorite” your favorite images.
  3. Look at your “favorites” folder then upload your favorite photos to your website, blog, or Dropbox.


There is less friction to import photos to your iPad than laptop. Also, you can review photos on your iPhone as well (SD card adapter also works for iPhone).

Ultimately the simpler, less friction and more fun it is to view your photos the better!


Viewing photos on iPad with built in Photos app is very fast. It renders photos far faster than Lightroom. Also Apple Photos is free!

In praise of jpeg

Wit RICOH GR III I’m shooting only in jpeg, high contrast black and white. This has simplified by photo workflow tremendously. RAW files are big, slow, bulky, and make photography less fun. Nowadays the jpeg filters on modern cameras are so beautiful; I actually find my jpeg files more beautiful than any photos I process in raw.

Photos look best on iPad Pro

The iPad pro (I’m using the older 10.5 inch pro) has a superior screen to even my 13 inch touch bar MacBook pro. This means I gain more visual delight from my photos! Viewing my own photos on iPad is like the ultimate light box, and photo viewing experience. Dare I say even better (in some regards) than looking at physical prints?

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