Fame is good:

Why is fame seen as such a negative thing?

First question:

Why is fame seen so negatively?

This is my theory:

People who are not famous are resentful towards the famous (because the unfamous secretly want to become more famous), and thus they disparage the famous and the notion of ‘fame’ in general.


In modern times, fame is synonymous with power and influence. Who doesn’t want to be more powerful and influential? Don’t we all? I think so– but perhaps we have been trained to NOT want more power and influence (because it is anti-christian morality).

Anyways, it is of my personal belief that the more fame, power, and influence we have– the more capability we have to do good.

For example, Angelina Jolie was able to use her fame for good– humanitarian causes. Gandhi was ‘famous’ for his acts of virtue as well — and it was good, because he was able to help liberate India from the British.

The problem with the notion of ‘fame’ is that it is intermixed with all this negative moralistic acid of famous celebrities who end up overdosing and dying of drugs, and committing crimes, etc.

But once again, I think anyone who ‘hates’ on celebrities are just secretly envious/jealous. Because people who TRULY don’t care for fame just IGNORE the famous, and they keep their opinions to themselves.

How to become more famous

I cannot state a definitive formula or blueprint to becoming more famous, because it is different for everyone. What worked for me probably won’t work for you. But let me share what worked for me:

  1. Be relentless: Keep producing information, substantive knowledge, and keep putting yourself out there. Keep making blog posts, keep uploading YouTube videos, and keep putting out new forms of knowledge and ideas.
  2. Don’t censor yourself: Controversial people are more fun to read and interesting. Avoid being boring– being boring is the cardinal sin which is anti-fame. Consider– do you know any boring celebrities? No! Even the ‘boring’ celebrities have made it into an entertaining thing — like consider Michael Scott from the office (his boringness is made interesting and entertaining).
  3. Be ridiculous, unusual: To gain more fame, let your inner-freak come out. To be honest, all of us are ridiculous and unusual to a certain degree. I am a strange person, and I never censor myself– I don’t censor my speech, my actions, or my blog posts. This proves that you have an opinion. The more opinionated you are, the more famous you will become.
  4. Always mention your own name: In my YouTube videos, I always start by saying, ‘Hey wussup streettogs this is Eric Kim from the Eric Kim Street Photography Blog’. Note that I mention my name TWICE in the introduction of all of my 1,000+ videos! Whenever possible, mention your first and last name. They might not remember what you say in your videos, but at least they will remember your name!
  5. Become a big fish in a small pond: I became the most famous street photographer on the internet by focusing on the small niche (street photography) and constantly producing knowledge on the topic. This is the best way to become #1 on Google: constantly produce substantive information on whatever topic you want to focus on.
  6. Open Source: The more open you keep your information, the better. Why? If your information is open, anyone can share it. And thus, the more famous you will become!
  7. Show your face: It seems that most people recognize me in public because they watch my YouTube videos, and they also recognize my voice. Whenever possible, show your face. Put your face in your blog posts for your website, and of course in your videos.
  8. Build your own blog and YouTube Channel: Having your own blog and YouTube channel is the best way to get discovered in today’s modern Google-Dominated world. Start your own self-hosted blog, and start vlogging on your YouTube channel about whatever interests you.
  9. Be brave, bold, and brazen to share controversial ideas: The best way I’ve been able to become more famous is to share ideas which have been shared widely (which are contra-against the prevailing ideology). For example in photography, my posts on shooting JPEG, why sharpness is overrated, debunking the myth of the decisive moment.
  10. Talk about taboo topics nobody is gutsy enough to talk about: In modern society to talk about money openly is seen as bad taste. For example my blog post, “How I Earn $200,000+ a Year From Photography” went crazy viral — because photographers never talk about their personal finances. Actually, nobody talks about their finances. And now with my photography entrepreneurship articles, I am trying to uncover certain truths about making money from your passion, while speaking openly and frankly on the topic.

Keep putting yourself out there

You do not have 100% control whether you will become ‘famous’ or not. However, our goal is to increase our likelihood to become more famous.

Certainly if you never put yourself out there, you have a 0% chance of becoming famous. The more you put yourself out there, you start to INCREASE your likelihood of becoming more famous and notorious, which is a good thing.

Ignore the haters, don’t worry about trolls, listen to empowering hip hop artists like JAY Z, be bold and brazen in your speech and writing, and be ruthless and relentless!



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