Reach for the heavens! ERICKIM

We cannot change reality, but we can change ourselves.

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1. No excuses

First of all, no excuses. If you really do want to change your life, you cannot make excuses.

Why? By making an excuse, you are saying that someone else has power over you. If you believe you have full control over your fate, you will never make an excuse.

Now, there are things you might refuse to do in life. That’s not making an excuse. That is declaring that you refuse to follow the rules of others, and you are asserting that you don’t want to do something.


To clarify, there are some things you are able to do, but unwilling to do. You need to differentiate the two.

Consider, a life without excuses. Wouldn’t you feel so much more empowered, optimistic, and excited for the future?

2. Believe in your own value

For myself, I do genuinely believe that I have billions of dollars worth of value inside me. I’m studying the philosophy of photography and image making. Images control our society. 1 billion iPhones have been sold, which means that 1 billion photographers exist. And down the line, eventually all 7 billion people on planet earth will own an iPhone. You can buy an iPad for $330. There is already a brand new iPhone you can buy for $395. Eventually you can buy an iPhone for $199. Everyone will be able to afford one, one day.

I think I have a billion dollars worth of value inside myself. That doesn’t mean I will earn a billion dollars. But I don’t sell myself cheap. And I see myself highly in my eyes.

Whenever I write something or share ideas, I am doing it as if it can influence 1 billion photographers. Therefore, I have massive ambitions. The great thing with the internet, my words and ideas aren’t held down by gravity or the laws of physics. In theory, 1 billion people can indeed read the blog posts here. I’ve already had over 1 million (combined) views of my YouTube videos. Why not 1 billion page views for this blog?

Lesson: Think and dream big.

3. You already have all the tools necessary.

An excuse I used to make: my tools aren’t good enough. My camera, phone, tablet, laptop isn’t good enough.

Now, I realize I’m the excuse. Meaning, my tools don’t falter. Only I falter.

Whenever I lack creativity or innovation, only I am to blame. If I take radical, 100% responsibility for my life, my reality, and my condition, I have complete power.

To dream big: refuse to let reality tyrannize and control you. Rather, think that purely with your mind, your will, and your hands…you can shape reality. Steve Jobs and his “reality distortion field” (watch Star Trek).

4. Love science fiction


To dream bigger, watch more science fiction movies. Or read science fiction books. We need more crazy idealistic, utopian dreams of the future to dream bigger.

Elon Musk loves science fiction. So do I.

I grew up to Star Wars. I dreamed of flying cars. Now I’m disappointed, we just have smartphones. Seriously, that is it? I’m always disappointed with innovations in today’s world. This discontentment is what drive me forward… to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Consider, what would be your utopian dream of the future? Dream big.



Dreaming without action is useless. How to take action in your life:

  1. Stop talking, start building: Start building your empire today, brick by brick. Start your own website ( and make website). Start publishing things on your own platform. Your own blog. Stop using Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Invest in yourself: Don’t waste thousands of dollars in speculative companies. Invest in yourself, by buying books that will empower your mind. Use money as “research and development” to tinker with. The best investment I recently made, $100 for a “Forum engine” theme for the ERIC KIM FORUM. I am starting to make lots of small bets, for a few big wins.
  3. Play: Tinker. Break shit apart, and put it back together. Break apart your phone. Jailbreak it. Root it. Install a new operating system. Find an old car, and put in a new engine. Turbo charge it. Hack your laptop. Make your own music, your own words, and put together your own ideas.
  4. 80% production, 20% consumption: We need to consume external ideas and stimuli. But don’t vegetate on Netflix. Watch things that empower you to ACTION. Produce more, consume less.


ERIC KIM x HENRI NECK STRAP  by HAPTIC INDUSTRIES // Portrait by Benjamin Thompson

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