Practical Photography Business Advice and Ideas


Let me cut to the chase. If you want to start your own photography business, here are some ideas for you, based on what worked for me. Of course, this won’t work for you:

Practical Photo business advice


1. Make your own photography website and blog

I recommend and use, and then install for free. Then buy the Genesis theme, and pay for the “Monochrome” child theme. Upfront investment is around $200. Hosting is around $20 a month.

Make your website domain (address) or

2. Make an email newsletter

I recommend and use Free to start, pay later. Why email list? Higher deliverability rate. Don’t waste time with social media. If you post something on Facebook or Instagram, less than 5% of your followers will see it. Email open rate on my list is around 30%. Much better.

3. Don’t expect to make money your first year

It took me a year of blogging everyday to build a following. Once I established my expertise in street photography, I experimented with street photography workshops first for $200 a person for a 2-day course, for 20 students. It worked for me.

Photography Business Ideas

Saigon, 2017

Practical ideas for you:

1. Luxury goods photographer:

The market for high end products is booming. Build yourself to eventually do photo shoots for Gucci, Giuseppe, Porsche, Lamborghini, NIKE, Hublot watches, Rolex, etc.

2. Photography workshop teacher:

This is how I make 80% of my income. Don’t think of teaching how to make photos. Rather, teach your students to find more personal meaning in their lives. Also think of selling experiences – bespoke photography expeditions, adventures, and tourism.

3. Lifestyle photographer

this “lifestyle” trend of selling expensive shit is unfortunately, here to stay. Seek to shoot fashion, editorial, and this market of fashion.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

LA, 2013

Keep your expenses low. To absolute minimum. Elon Musk ate $2 a day on Spaghetti and Hot Dogs to feed himself when starting off, and sleeping in a sleeping bag in his office (while sharing a computer with his brother). And showers at the local YMCA. Are you hungry and foolish enough to start your own business?

Don’t waste money on superfluous shit you don’t need. Don’t waste money on advertising or superfluous camera gear. Buying a new piece of camera equipment will not get you more paying clients. Only the quality of your work, and your networking skills will.

Remember the saying,

It’s not what you know, it is who you know.

If you are starting off, network like crazy. Make professional business cards ( and give them out to anyone you meet who might help you. Get the cards of others and follow up.

ERIC KIM by Frank

When you sell yourself, don’t tell them to give you stuff.

Rather, offer them something. Offer them free photos, consulting, advice, to get your foot in the door. Then when you build your network, start charging real money.


In and out, 2016

This should be enough to get you started.

Be like NIKE and JUST DO IT.




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