How to Become a Vlogger

I’ve been vlogging since 2010; some practical tips I’ve learned the last 8 years:

1. Keep the equipment simple

The simplest equipment is the best.

For example, GoPro is probably the best simple vlogging camera. Also your laptop webcam. Or just use the selfie video record function on your phone.

If you want better audio, I like the RODE VIDEO Micropphone (Amazon), and pair it to any LUMIX camera with an audio outlet. I currently am using LUMIX g9 and 12mm f1.4 Leica lens, shooting in intelligent auto mode and it works very well.

2. Simple editing

Keep your viseo editing simple: just use iMovie, or you don’t even need to process the videos. Just record in MP4 format and upload straight to YouTube.

In iMovie, the only processing you might need to do is reducing background noise, or use the “loudness” audio equalizer setting.

You don’t need to be fancy with the editing; don’t get distracted by that.

3. Don’t censor yourself

Speak openly, speak freely, and don’t censor yourself. Say what is on your mind, and curse if you want to. The goal is to enter a “stream of consciousness” or a “flow state”. To talk without thinking or being self-aware is the goal.

A tip:

Try to shoot everything in a single take.

It is fine if you stutter or pause. In fact, the more you “mess up”, the better. Why? You seem more “real” and relatable. And the more real and relatable you are, generally the more people will like you (this is why everyone likes Ellen Degeneres), and we despise demigod celebrities who don’t seem human.

4. Have an opinion

The world is hungry for your perspective and opinion. They crave your authenticity. They crave you!

The biggest mistake a lot of vloggers make is that they commentate without having an opinion. Don’t be a news reporter; be an opinion maker.

An “essayist” is a person who ia trying to “attempt” to put forth their opinion and ideas. Treat your vlogging the same; strive to put forth your own idea and opinions.

5. Ignore feedback

Ignore feedback, whether good or bad.

In fact, too much good feedback can be a bad sign— maybe it is a sign that you’re being generic, and your ideas aren’t powerful enough to offend anyone, or to create controversy.

In fact, generally speaking, the more negative feedback you get, the better. It means that you have a strong opinion, and what you’re saying is interesting.

6. No genres

Talk about anything and everything. Don’t become the prisoner of a genre.

For example on my videos I like to talk about anything I am currently interested in. Sometimes it is random; but having the freedom to talk about anything I’m interested keeps me going! If you don’t put restrictions on yourself, you will always have something to say!

For example in my channel I talk about photography, philosophy, entrepreneurship, travel, and life. Taking this “full stack” and diverse approach has been great for me; I’ve built more loyal followers who are interested both in my personal and professional life.

7. Make it personal; fuck professionalism

Share details about your personal life. This will make you more human and relateable.

Furthermore, making it personal makes your videos more genuine. Speak from your personal real life experiences; don’t just quote others or books. Quote yourself!

There is a saying from Thomas Hobbes:

Live first, philosophise afterwards.

This means, draw from your own personal life experiences to create your own philosophies.

Conclusion: Never stop making

There will never be a perfect video. Just make it 80% “good enough” and hit publish.

Have fun! Don’t take yourself or vlogging seriously. The more serious you make it, the less authentic, and the less interesting.

Keep it raw, gritty, and authentic and you.

Never stop creating!