How to Become a Photography Blogger

If you upload your photos to Instagram or Facebook, you’re technically already a photography blogger.

Yet what I want to encourage you with is this:

You must own your own photography blog, and your own photography website and platform. 

To start, best is to host a blog. Register your own website and domain through, and install 

Then, just start posting! What I love about blogging is that it doesn’t need to be perfect for you to post it. In fact, the benefit of photography blogging is that you can post anything!

You can post pictures, you can write, post videos; you can post anything! 

There are no rules to photography blogging. No right or wrongs. To post something is better than posting nothing.

For myself, the biggest benefit of blogging is that it helps me think, reflect, and distill my ideas. I’ve posted over 5,000+ blog posts since 2010 (8 years), and I feel like I’m just getting started! There is still so much new wisdom for me to discover, and new ideas for me to share with you!

A lot of photographers make objections to starting their own photography blog. Most photographers say that they don’t like to write, or that they’re not good at writing. 

But ask yourself, do you write emails everyday? Do you text message your friends and family every day? If so, you’re already creating so much information and content; why not direct that energy towards your own blog?

Simple tip:

Blog via your phone. Just type out your blog posts via “texting” on your phone. 

Even for myself, as I evolve as a blogger, I prefer to write blog posts via a phone. It is easier, faster, and there is less friction. As time goes on, I prefer using small mobile devices instead of using a laptop. 

With a phone, I can blog while walking (what I’m doing right now). With a mobile device, you can write while standing. And to be honest, most of us can text on our phones almost as fast as we can type on a keyboard. 

I also recommend you to start your own YouTube channel. Just use the selfie camera on your phone to make “vlogs” (video logs) of your thoughts, everyday ideas, etc. Don’t strive to make it fancy; keep it simple, direct, and honest.

Why should I start my own photography blog, when there are already so many other photography blogs?

Just because other people have done something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! 

For example, just because there are already a bunch of car companies, why did Elon Musk start Tesla? 

When there were already lots of “smartphones” by Microsoft and Motorola, why did Steve Jobs and Apple make the iPhone?

Henri Cartier-Bresson already made lots of great photographs. Why should we still shoot photos? 

Because we can do it better! And we will always do it differently. Different is always good. 

Blog on!