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You’re the Hero

In life’s action-packed RPG, remember– you’re the hero!

1. What makes a more interesting movie or story?

What types of movies do you like watching? What kind of books do you like reading?

For myself, I like John Wick and the movie 300. I aspire to live my life like Keanu Reeves, King Leonidas, Brad Pitt, or Achilles.

Why not strive to live your own ideal life in the maximally interesting, challenging, and fun way?

2. Don’t shirk from difficulty

Let us assume your life was an RPG:

Would you prefer to be bored, or to go out and adventure?

In video games (RPG’s in particular), it seems we like to:

  1. Fight
  2. Level up
  3. Gain experience points
  4. Gain rare items which augment our power
  5. To challenge others
  6. To quest and discover new things, places, and abilities.

Why not do this in real life?

3. Follow your heroes

leonidas-wallpaper king 300 spartan
King Leonidas and the 300

Think about great individuals in history (real, fictional), and strive to emulate their behavior.

Plutarch’s Lives of the noble Grecians and Romans is a great wealth of information about great individuals in the past whom we can strive to emulate.

Or we can read biographies of individuals who we admire. For example I loved the Walter Isaacson biography on Steve Jobs, the Ashlee Vance biography on Elon Musk. I can’t wait until Walter Isaacson does a biography on Kanye West.

4. Supersede your heroes!

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Then the next goal:

Keep your heroes in mind, then seek to become MORE than them!

For example, I admire all these great philosophers from the past. But I desire to become MORE than them!

For example, I have always wondered:

Why haven’t there been any powerlifting philosophers in history?

Certainly a philosopher who built themselves the apex of physical AND philosophical strength would be 1000x more epic than a philosopher who only focused on mental culture.


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My aspiration:

  1. Philosophy with the depth of a Heraclitus
  2. Philosophy with the courage of the thinking of a Nietzsche
  3. Philosophy with the practicality of a Nassim Taleb
  4. The body of a Hercules
  5. The brazenness of an Achilles
  6. The brashness of a Kanye West
  7. The big vision of a Elon Musk
  8. The aesthetics of a Steve Jobs
  9. The poetry of a Horace
  10. The selflessness of a Jesus

Never stop striving towards your ideals (and beyond!)



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