The Joy of Uncertainty

My joy is precisely NOT knowing what today or the future holds.

Life is more fun when you don’t know what you’re gonna get.

Randomness, chaos, and uncertainty as more fun in life!

Even when making art: imprecision, uncertainty of what the final product will look like — this is what makes art so fun!

For example, how calligraphy (Zen brush 2) creates random and unpredictable flows with the brush. The joy of the uncertainty of how your photos will render.

The joy of uncertainty in writing

Writing is fun for me, because when I start off, I have no idea how my ideas or words will progress. This “stream of consciousness”style of writing is far more fun and enjoyable. Blogging to me is almost like “mind streaming”— I share in “real time”what’s on my mind.

The joy of uncertainty in Apple announcements

What makes magic fun? We enjoy the uncertainty of what will happen next!

Apple announcements — only fun when we get surprised with the magic of something totally revolutionary and new!

Same thing with movies. This is why we hate “spoilers”— we want to experience the film FRESH with new eyes. To know the ending often makes the experience much less enjoyable.

Why would you want to know what will happen in your future?

A fortune teller is someone who makes you less afraid of the future. The human desire for certainty in the future is a sign of weakness and fear. The strong rather desire uncertainty, chaos, and danger because this is what awakens their skills, gives them the chance to exercise their strength, and to employ their courage.


Delight and joy and your personal happiness about being blind to the future!




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