Only Work on Things You Can Imagine Doing for Eternity

The eternal creative return:

To work on things you will never tire of, never bore of– things that will always interest, entertain, excite, and thrill you.

For example:

  1. Photography: I will shoot photos until I die at age 120140
  2. Writing: Writing and blogging as ‘meta-thinking’, or ‘augmented thinking‘. I don’t put any ego or pride into my writing. I simply write because it is the most effective way of getting my thoughts out there. And I derive great joy from sharing my thoughts.
  3. Teaching: I derive great pleasure and deep existential joy from teaching. What is the point of learning if I couldn’t teach?
  4. Reading: To me, this is the most effective form of getting new ideas, or resonating the ideas already inherent within myself.
  5. Powerlifting / Weight lifting: Powerlifting as zen meditation to me, and infinitely fascinating. Testing to extent of the human body.
  6. Music: Life without music would be a mistake (Nietzsche).

Then the other side:

Don’t waste any time or your life working or building things you cannot imagine doing for an eternity.


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