Blogging as Augmented Thinking

A thought:

The biggest benefit of blogging — it gives you a chance to think, flesh out your thoughts. Essentially blogging is augmented thinking.

Discover what you’re thinking AS you blog.


I don’t think anyone has yet discovered the fullest potential of blogging. How many NEW modes of expression, thinking, and publishing is possible. We are still stuck in static ways of thinking: static published text, magazines, books, or basic modes of social media.

What new innovations have yet been discovered in blogging?

New ways to embed

1. Autoplay video embeds (muted, on loop).

Hosted via VideoPress (JetPack plugin)

What new embeds are possible in blogging, which weren’t possible before?

2. Animated GIF

One idea: Animated GIF. A new mode of expression being a photographer and visual artist:

Henri Cartier-Bresson Composition Simplified GIF
Henri Cartier-Bresson Composition Simplified

3. Figure it out as you go

The fun of blogging: treating it as an adventure.

You don’t know what the final destination (or product) of your blog post will look like!

4. Blog for yourself

Blog only about ideas which interest you.

Also realize that every blog is a ‘work in progress’. It doesn’t need to be perfect— the great joy! Anti-procrastination; because there is no perfectionism involved (paralysis by analysis).

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