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Blogging as an Adventure!

When I start blogging, I have no idea how it will end

Similar thinking: treat blogging as “live-streaming”your mind! With all your “flaws”and “bad” grammar.

More important for it to be your own personal and genuine thoughts. To not simply rehash what others have said. To express YOUR OWN opinion on a matter!

Blogging “ain’t” writing

I don’t like writing, or the notion of “writing”. It is full of all these constipated “rules”and academic frameworks. Grammar for the most part is overrated. The point of language isn’t to flex how good your grammar is. The point of language is to communicate your thoughts and ideas with clarity and soul.

Where do we get writer’s block from?

My theory:

Writer’s block is simply mental baggage we get from our old school teachers.

For example, we get writer’s block because we are too focused on “perfection”— writing an essay that will get an “A”from a school teacher, a peer, or editor.

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But what if your thinking and writing style is different than what school teaches you is “proper”writing? Then you’re a bit fucked.

So what is the solution? The simple idea:

Disdain “good” writing.

Instead, focus on NON- DULL writing (why I love reading the books and essays of Nassim Taleb). I HATE boring writing! Even worse — unclear writing.

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Don’t write about things that will bore you.

The point isn’t to write about “academic”and “intelligent”things, to somehow impress others, or get featured in the New Yorker. The point is that you have an idea you care about, and you want to share this idea with others. This is my whole impetus behind blogging — I got the keys to my own printing press, my own distribution network, and my own media empire!

My iPad and iPod nano
My iPad and iPod nano

Blogging must be fun for you!

First of all, I think of blogging as play. I only blog in a spirit of fun and play. Otherwise it ain’t worth it.

Second, don’t trap yourself within a genre. I’ve been able to keep blogging infinitely fun for myself by “cross pollinating”everything I’m interested in and publishing it here (photography, life, philosophy, nutrition, health, fitness, etc).

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Third, when you start blogging a blog post, have no idea where you’re going to end up. Simply start, and improvise as you go.

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Fourth, keep blogging a certain blog post as long as it is interesting to you! The best time to stop a blog post is when it becomes boring to you. Follow your own internal boredom-detector.


Perhaps we should also live our lives this way — no self-censorship, avoidance of whatever is boring or uninteresting to us, and to treat life like an adventure. Anti-planning, anti-structure, anti-certainty.

Live and blog on!