There is Nothing More Interesting than Human Beings

There is nothing more interesting than human life, human sociology, human politics, human ethics/morals, artwork (related to humans).

Humans are the ultimate ruler of what is beautiful or ugly.

Street photography is art of human beings

Sneeze. Downtown LA, 2011
Sneeze. Downtown LA, 2011

Street photography: creating artwork of human beings.

Humans are the apex

  • Silhouette Cindy mom

One strange trend I see:

Many individuals value animal lives or plant lives over human lives.

If I could sacrifice all the dogs in the world for a few humans lives, I would make this choice. Why? To me, a human life is worth 1000000 animal lives.

I don’t think that “animals were put on earth to serve humans”. In fact, I don’t believe any divine providence in mankind being on planet earth. Ultimately humans are another form of animal– but humans are truly the apex predator. We subdue all other animal and plant life, as well as the Earth, to serve our human-centered needs.

Earth or humanity?

If I could sacrifice planet Earth for the survival of the future of humanity, I would choose this decision.

Earth is a means for human thriving, not the ultimate aim.

Of course, I don’t want to blow up Earth. Earth is the nicest planet. Even though Mars is interesting to me, life on Earth is 10000x better than life on any other planet (thus far).

Art as a means to human thriving

One interesting idea from Nietzsche I got is this.

We shouldn’t pursue art for art’s sake. Instead, we see ‘art as the great stimulus to life‘, which means:

Artwork inspires humanity forwards and upwards!

What is the point of humanity?

church hand cross sword

There isn’t an ultimate “point” or “purpose” to humanity.

For myself, it seems the best ‘purpose’ of humanity is:

  1. To ensure that humanity continues to exist, indefinitely (survival of the human race).
  2. Thrivival of maximal number of human beings
  3. Evolution of humanity forward (not sure what this would look like).
Statue of Marcus Aurelius

How should we live our lives?

It seems that the best life is in which we are killing two birds with one stone:

  1. Serving ourselves
  2. Serving others

I call it being maximally selfish, and maximally altruistic.

Above all:

Memento mori (remember you will and must die).


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