How to Live a Happier and More Epic Life

Simple thoughts:

Art is the end goal

I believe the end goal of life is to make and attempt great art.


I really want to put great emphasis on the word ‘attempt’. Why? You cannot determine with 100% precision whether you will make great art or not. But you can control your effort in life, and you can also control how many personal risks you take on the road towards grandeur.

Effort will always be more impressive than results

What I learned via powerlifting or weightlifting at the gym:

It ultimately doesn’t matter how much (or little) someone can lift in the gym. What matters is how much effort they put in, and how little fear they exhibit when “pushing themselves” to a new PR (personal record).

Don’t be scared.

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In my book, the only vice is cowardice and fear.

And I believe this is something you can conquer.

How to conquer cowardice

The etymology of being a coward:

Having your tail in-between your legs like a dog.

Honestly the only regrets I have in life is when I was cowardly. Cowardly to shoot a street photograph, or cowardly to ask permission to shoot a street portrait. Or coward for not trying a certain “one rep max” at the gym.

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Put it all on the line.

Treat everyday like a mini lifetime. If today were the last day in your life, what would you regret NOT attempting or doing?

Let this guide your life!


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