Treat Everyday Like a Mini-Lifetime

A philosophical idea:

Perhaps to live the best possible life, we should treat every and each day like a mini-lifetime (as if we were going to die tonight).

This is why I think this:

  1. If you lived everyday like today were your last, you would squander/waste a lot less time. You would do more, accomplish more, create more, move more, experience more, and become more!
  2. Overcoming paralysis by analysis: Too many choices in modern life means we become paralyzed to doing anything. Thus, by allowing ourselves to make mini small victories everyday, we will do more and accomplish more. Furthermore, I like the idea of working on “mini” magnum opuses (lots of small great works) instead of laboring to try to make 1 ultimate magnum opus in life. For example writing lots of blog posts on the daily instead of striving to write a “legit” book.
  3. Perhaps we shouldn’t get so obsessed with our photography projects, and instead on just shooting everyday. Perhaps better to just shoot a lot everyday, and figure out how to organize and categorize it later.
  4. Do everything you like everyday: For me that means going to the gym everyday, having coffee everyday, shooting and making photos everyday, and spending time with my loved ones everyday. Strive to exploit the maximum of your own present situation instead of seeking to have a more ideal “other” situation in life.

So friend– if you knew today were your last day on earth what would you do today and what would you NOT do today?


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