Active nihilism: the notion that despite the fact that life has no ultimate meaning, you still are active! You still do things, you still think, you still make art, and you still create. Why? Because you have the power to self-direct your own life, and postulate your own personal aims in life — having no higher authority or judge than yourself.

The joy of activity

In life I think we are generally happiest when we are active. Why? When we act and do things, we express and exercise our power. We utilize the biological and metabolic mechanisms in our body which give us joy. A life of inactivity ain’t a life worth living.

Just because life has no ultimate meaning doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything

Too often we need a “reason” to do something before doing it. But are we just fooling ourselves?

A dog doesn’t give itself a “reason” before playing with another dog. Perhaps we humans aren’t too different:

Our “consciousness” is a machine which simply gives fake explanations on WHY we did something after-the=fact.

For example, how do we really know why we do what we do? I am often suspicious of my own personal motivations. Even if I gained the deepest levels of self-introspection, I think at best I might understand my true intentions 80%. But no matter how much knowledge, wisdom, or technology we have– there will always be a margin of uncertainty why we do anything.

Are we just afraid of acting?

A lot of us are afraid of acting, or doing things because we are afraid of being punished by others, or judged negatively by others for doing “illegitimate” or “immoral” activity. There are too many people trying to play “ethic police” — trying to police our activities, thoughts, and behavior.

Lesson: Just act!

You don’t need an ultimate legitimate reason why you do anything. It helps to know why you do things, or it is useful to strive toward self-knowledge. However it ultimately isn’t necessary. AS long as you’re acting, doing stuff, making stuff, and having fun while at it– this life is worth every ounce!


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