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Death and pain is nothing to us!


You only live once. Of course you don’t wanna jump off a bridge, but you gotta take epic risks if you want to become legend.

Asking for permission is for suckers

So … what do you really care for?

For me, I want to become immortalized. Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Heraclitus, Marcus Aurelius vibes.

How does one increase the likelihood of having an insanely epic legacy? To take the greatest risks.


ق‎ (rizq) — an interesting Arabic word. The notion of ‘risk’ in this context is:

To bestow, endow, and bless.

My basic thought:

Perhaps the more risks we take in life, the more we can bestow, endow, and bless humanity with great gifts.

What do you live for?

obey shephard fairey
Creativity is the mechanism of self-liberation. Rise above! AS220 // Shepard Fairey

What do you live for? Why do you live?

The point ain’t to maximize your life-span for the sake of it, and to minimize your chances of dying.

No — it is all about devoting your life to lofty goals and aims!



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