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Do You Love or Hate Reality?

Do you love or hate reality? Do you prefer “idealism” (false reality), or do you love reality in all its tragedy and cruel comedy?

Reality ain’t all roses

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Reality ain’t always pretty. There is ton of pain, suffering, injustice, and pointless cruelty in the world. But does that make reality any less legitimate? I think not. If anything, this is what makes reality great.

To live takes courage!

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Living takes great courage. To face reality is difficult. We must face injustice, “unfair” rules, and arbitrary outcomes.

Reality cannot be quantified. Real life is a trillion times more complex and unpredictable when compared to video games or social media. Real life doesn’t mirror any TV show or movie.

But this is precisely why I love reality:

The difficulty of living in reality is what makes it fun and interesting!

Creating your own rules

There are no ultimate rules in reality. And this is what makes things fun; you can create your own rules, your own morals, and your own ethics. You can pursue whatever you desire, and decide to ignore what you don’t care for.

In fact, right now is the BEST time to be alive. Why? With modern technology and capitalism, you can become the ultimate “free spirit” (self-employed entrepreneur), and have total freedom over your creative energy, your time, and your life. We have all modern technologies to make life insanely convenient for ourselves, food is cheap, gyms are cheap; everything is so cheap.

We got nothing to fear

We don’t have to fear death via famine, wars, or disease-plagues. We are currently living in the ultimate environment, and we have the supreme conditions for thriving. Utilize this knowledge to self-direct your own life.

To love reality

To love reality means:

  1. Love of street photography: Deifying reality — making artwork from real life.
  2. Preference for real humans than fantasy humans (preferring to talk to strangers in real life, than to watch fake humans live fake lives on tv shows or movies).
  3. Realization that inequality, suffering and injustice are parts of reality. That these are great obstacles that perhaps make our lives more interesting and fulfilling.

What is real and what is ideal?

I generally think idealism is a good thing: we ignore “reality” and we strive to create our own new reality.

Downside of idealism: when it impairs your own personal judgement of living in life which ends up harming you.

How to love reality

My conclusion:

Accept all the ugly parts of reality– but realizing that without the ugly, we could not have the beautiful.


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