Obstacles as Self-imposed Goals

A life with arbitrary goals and challenging makes life far more fun, interesting, and insanely enjoyable!

My definition of a “goal”

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

What is a goal in life? It is an arbitrary obstacle you setup for yourself. For example children love “obstacle courses” as they give the children the opportunity to exercise and flex their athletic skills!

In the context of us adults, we also setup arbitrary obstacles in our lives to make things more fun for ourselves. Or we like to encounter, approach, or supercede certain obstacles in life for fun!

For example:

  • Striving to reach a certain PR in a given lift (bench, squat, deadlift)
  • Physique goals (certain weight, muscle mass weight and body fat percentage).
  • Striving to reach “financial independence” or “location independence”
  • The goal of saving up or earning enough money to buy x, y, z.
  • When trying to date or court somebody, it is always more interesting and exciting based on how difficult (obstacle) it is to get with them.
  • In photography, increasing the challenge of photography is an arbitrary challenge we setup for ourselves. For example certain obstacles like “no cropping”, getting closer to your subject, shooting with a wide angle lens, or sticking with one focal length.


Alexander the Great

Life is more fun when challenging and when we have arbitrary obstacles, challenges and goals we can actually achieve (depending on the degree of effort we put in). And once we achieve our life goals, it is “onto the next one” and “all about progression” (JAY Z).