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On the Brian, Body and Mind

The strange thing:

We somehow think that the brain/mind can exist independent of the body.

This is where these silly notions of ‘uploading your consciousness’ to the cloud makes no sense. A mind cannot exist without a body. Perhaps the mind IS the body?

My theories:

First of all, we believe in this notion of the ‘immortal soul’ which can exist without the body. This comes from Egyptian notions, and also from Christianity.

Souls need a body

In hades, the ancient greeks believed that the dead souls dwelled there. But the souls weren’t ghosts just floating around; the dead souls included bodies.

Disrespect for the body

Perhaps this is why we can explain so much of sickly bodies nowadays (either under-nourished vegans, or too hyper-fat people who consume too much sugar):

We don’t think the body is that important. We only care for “beautiful minds”, not “beautiful bodies”.

Why I trust powerlifters more than academics

Eddie Hall about to deadlift 500kg (more than a thousand powers). Look at the zen-like focus in his face.

If you’ve never attempted a “one rep max” attempt in deadlift, you’re missing out a very interesting experience for us humans. To attempt a new “one rep max” in deadlift is fascinating:

It is the opportunity which our mind and body transcends our consciousness.

To me, powerlifting is 99% courage. To attempt a new PR in your lifts is to go BEYOND what you think your body is capable of. And 99% of it is pure courage and absence of fear.

Physical culture needs more respect

My critique of academics: they only care about mental culture. Most of them are over-fat, weak, flabby, and soft.

My simple idea:

More academics should powerlift, and more powerlifters should do scholarly work.

My new focus:

My new focus:

To philosophize more on PHYSICAL CULTURE; not just mental culture (for the nerds)


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