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Life is the Ultimate Creative Constraint

What makes life so sweet? The fact it is the ultimate creative constraint!

Nothing good lasts forever, nothing forever is good.

korean war memorial

If I were to live forever, I would not appreciate life. Same goes with video games– if you don’t pay money for playing (skin in the game), the game is boring. ‘God mode’ on Starcraft (power overwhelming cheat code) is boring. Only when there is a risk of dying when things get fun. Note Hell Mode on Diablo 2.

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Right now life is the ultimate creative constraint

Because of COVID, many of us cannot leave our homes, or go to places we once liked. But my thought:

Given these constraints, how can it motivate or inspire you to be more creative in your life — to benefit you?

Why I’m so motivated

Creative constraints are better.

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For example:

  1. Now I cannot go to a gym, I just do dumbbell workouts at home. I wonder if this can actually help me maximize my muscular gains, compared to going to a gym?
  2. Now I cannot go to coffee shops, I just work at home. But I’m actually more productive at home (new realization). Thus after the COVID thing is over, I’m probably not gonna go to coffee shops anymore.
  3. I spend more time focused on Cindy. Spending more time with her is even better– I’m starting to better understand her, and growing even more in love with her.

Conclusion: Be thankful for the shortness of life

To live forever would probably be the worst hell. Let us be grateful for death– the sweetest kiss in life.



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