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Why do I live? Why do I wakeup everyday?

What pushes me? What drives me? Why do I do what I do, and why am I so excited to (continue) living?






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Several thoughts.

First of all, excitement. I am excited for the day — today. What I will do, what I will attempt, and what I will accomplish. And to be frank, I am not so concerned whether I achieve it or not, but I’m more curious about fulfilling my curiosity:

CAN I do this– am I strong enough?

I then attempt it. If I fail, it ain’t that big of a deal. I then simply know that I will continue to train, and continue to attempt! Because even success is a bit overrated. When I succeed, I’m always interested to go ‘onto the next one’. Thus, success and failure are the same thing to me. What is more important: ATTEMPTING to go BEYOND.

Helping empower others

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My morality and ethics are very simple:

Treat others how I would like to have been treated when I was a kid.

Or more simply:

Treating others how I would like others to treat me.

For example, I am sooooo grateful for all the adults who helped empower me as a child. And I wouldn’t be where I am without their external help. Thus, I feel a duty and obligation to give back — to empower other (ambitious) youngings who desire to become great.

Helping others who were once in my boots

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But not just helping kids– helping other adults. I remember when I felt disempowered, and I discovered a few things which have helped empower me. Thus my ethics are this:

If I share an idea that can empower at least 1 other human being on planet earth, it is worth sharing.

I know that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. However, if my idea, thought, or technique has even a .0001% chance of empowering another human being — this thought and sentiment drives me to share!

My ego


I consider myself a great individual. I don’t think there is another human being who has ever come who is similar to me.

I don’t consider myself the greatest human being who has ever lived, but I strive to become the greatest human being who has ever lived.

Now this is a lofty goal. But it is a fun and lofty goal. It is something that gets me up in the morning. To fulfill my own vanity and ego, I push myself. For example, let me talk about my physical ego:

Physical ego

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For my own ego, I wanted to prove to myself I could deadlift “4 plates” (405 pounds). I then strove hard to accomplish this goal, not because there is any truly practical purpose behind it. It was a pure vanity thing. I wanted to prove to myself my strength and my ability. And I achieved it. Now I am on the road to striving to deadlift 500 pounds.

Also, I have extreme vanity and ego when it comes to my bodily physique and composition. I desire to have much muscle mass, and very little body fat. I am actually currently striving to become around 200+ pounds of (mostly) muscle, with minimal body fat. Now whether I will achieve this goal or not isn’t that big of a deal to me– but striving towards this goal is fun and interesting to me.

CONCLUSION: Become all that you can be


Perhaps the life goal I got is this:

Within my very short lifetime, how much can I become? How much can I empower myself and others?


How high can I fly? What new discoveries can and will I discover? How strong can I become? What new contributions shall I make to humanity?


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