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Why am I So Positive and Optimistic?

My thought:

I don’t have the “free will” to “will” myself to be positive and optimistic; it is simply who I am and how I feel.

But how did I become so positive and optimistic? My reflections:


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First of all, I think I am so positive and optimistic because I am in excellent and hyper-health. Everyday, I actually feel I am becoming MORE HEALTHY. Why? Because everyday I exercise my muscles to the max (I go to the gym at least once or twice a day), and I eat a lot of meat at night. As a consequence, I can see and witness my body becoming stronger (in terms of increased muscular growth, and strength gains in the gym for my ‘one rep max’ in powerlifting — deadlift/squat/benchpress).

My mind

I am also focusing on self-developing my mind to the max. Years of studying Stoicism has helped me insanely, as well as studying Taoist-Zen philosophy. As of late, reading lots of Nietzsche has increased my ‘will to power’, and these ideas and thoughts have empowered me.

Dynamic range of life experiences

Me and my mom at my apartment in Berkeley, 2015
Me and my mom at my apartment in Berkeley, 2015

What is the best blessing you can give a child? Give them absolute freedom, and grow up in a situation in which the child must become self-reliant. This is what happened to me growing up — my mom was poor, and thus I knew in my breast:

Everything I want in life I must fight for it myself.

This gave me the entrepreneurial spirit and fire which elevated me to where I am today.

eric and mom child kid
My mom and me, when I was a kid.

Also, growing up poor and experiencing “trauma” was good for me. It toughened me. It made me realize the difference between petty shit and real shit. And the pain and trauma I experienced actually made me stronger (post-traumatic growth).

I cannot be 100% certain why I am so positive and optimistic


This is the tricky thing:

Is being positive and optimistic a ‘good’ thing?

Well, let us think the opposite question:

Is it good to be pessimistic and negative?

It depends. I think it comes down to this:

Does your personality motivate you to ACT and do shit, or does your personality DISCOURAGE you from doing anything? (‘learned helplessness/nihilism’)

The goal:

To be maximally active, powerful, and to strive for more.


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