What is one of the noblest goals you can have in life? Simple:

Focus on your own personal development.



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Why self-development?


What do we want? It seems we want ‘power overwhelming’. We want to feel the physiology that we have hyper-abundant power. We want to feel hyper-optimistic, hyper-powerful, and we desire to have an insanely great and elevated mood.

Now, how do we achieve that? Simple — it seems that we see ourselves as the goal in-itself, and we see ourselves as an end-unto-ourselves.

Why do notions of self-development get slandered?

It seems the only legitimate way to focus on self-development in our Christian-Protestant-Puritan-Utilitarian society is this:

It is only admirable to focus on self-development if you desire to become a great individual in order to help others and the masses.

That means:

You must only self-develop yourself in order to sacrifice yourself for others and the masses.

To me, this then gets a bit problematic. Then comes the boundary:

“Thou shalt not develop thyself TOO MUCH— if it impedes on the greater good of others.”

Why self-develop yourself?

Red selfie

What is real and tangible? Ourselves! Our own body.

The notion of our own “mind” and “soul” are bodily. A soul or a mind cannot exist without a body. Once our bodies die, our mind and soul also dies.

Also, we are biological beings. What does a biological being want? Feelings of hyper-abundance, and the feeling that our strength is increasing and rising. We want to feel that our lives are on the “up and up”, and we love the physiological feeling of becoming stronger.

Thus, we want more power and strength. And how do we get more power and strength? By focusing on ourselves, and to turn ourselves into the most epic version of ourselves possible.

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