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Why is Selfish Evil?

When we call someone selfish, what we really are trying to say is:

You are an evil person.

Why this bias?

What is the goal of humanity?

Biologically speaking, we humans (solo) are quite useless. We NEED group behavior and coordination to do (practically) anything. Hunting, gathering, building shelter, food, water, heat, etc.

Thus in primitive times, a ‘selfish’ man was a useless man. A selfish man was a parasite to the group. And all parasites are bad.

How times are different now

In today’s world, you can actually successfully live (and thrive) while being selfish. Because of modern day capitalism and division of labor, you can become extremely selfish in one domain, without much downside.

Who is really selfish?

When someone calls you selfish, aren’t THEY being selfish?

What is your role in society?

Is your role in society to become as useful as an instrument to others, or is it to become the most epic you possible?


What is the ultimate goal of humanity on planet earth?

My thought:

Become INSANELY SELFISH, focus on yourself and self-development, and share your art-works and journey as you go!


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