Why do we have this obsession with free will? Some thoughts:

You got the power!

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First of all, we want to acknowledge to ourselves:

I have the power to shape my own future and destiny. 

Nobody likes to think their future is predetermined for them. Religions with predeterminations disempower us, because we think:

If our future is already set for us, what’s the point of exerting any effort in life?

To punish

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Nietzsche figured this out:

Society propagates the notion of free will in order to punish those who don’t obey.

Consider if a criminal has no “free will”, he isn’t culpable for his actions. Free will indicates culpability. Without free will, could we punish criminals? We still could, but with perhaps with less good conscience.

Why I believe in free will


I like to think:

If I exert more effort in my life, I will gain more desired outcomes for my personal life.

For example, if I don’t like the way my body looks, I like that I can exert effort to powerlift and gain muscle mass, and intermittent fast and abstain from sugar in order to lose bodyfat. 

To me, a life without free will isn’t a life worth living.

Is the point to prove free will or not?

No. No purpose in trying to prove free will. It is a matter of simply directing ourselves and our own life towards aims we care for.


How to direct or steer your life

First of all, posit your own personal life goals, and strive towards them with all your might. Disregard morality and ethics — they tend to be a fetter to your personal freedom. Instead, go straight towards your personal life goals, never compromise, and be hard.

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