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To reach your own personal artistic apex, obey yourself, your own opinion!

Why are we so insecure to obey our own opinion?

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It seems every child is born confident. At what point do we lose our self-confidence?

Perhaps it is through traditional schooling, or when we get bullied around by others. In intellectual or artistic manners, the ‘name droppers’ are highly to be blamed. They make you feel dumb by not knowing individuals x, y, z.

But a better filter:

  • don’t study people you consider boring.

obey yourself, cultivate your own taste.

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Similar problem:

  • we allow others to superimpose their tastes upon you.

For example, I can genuinely say I prefer eating a nice fatty ribeye steak than eating at the world’s highest rated ‘5 star Michelin star restaurant’. At a certain point, we get suckered into thinking we should like certain food flavors. But in actuality, you must ask yourself:

  • what tastes do I actually like, for myself?

Others try to superimpose their tastes upon you. Beat them away with a stick.

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It seems to truly formulate your own opinion, isolate yourself creatively. Fast from social media and external artistic influences.

My simple formula:

  • create art you would like to consume yourself!


  • spend more time consuming your own artistic creations — the ultimate gauge of authenticity!



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